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The Catford CC offers a wide range of racing and training clothing. New members are entitled to order a short and/or long sleeve top within their first registered year of membership and receive a 50% discount on the prices published here, after that date prices will revert to the normal published prices. Occasionally the club committee will see fit to make a 'special offer' and this will be e-mailed out to existing club members. All prices quoted are 'at that time' and if new stock is ordered there may be some adjustment to the final prices.
Catford Cycling Jersey

Clothing should be ordered through Paul Smith - If you wish to order a club clothing item and there are none of that item presently in stock of your required size, register your interest with me and a 10% deposit and I will place an order. When ordering please state Chest and Waist Size. Please note that P&P may be incured.

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