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Ride with the Catford Cycling Club

Riders sitting together

In the Catford CC we love riding our bikes. Moreover we enjoy riding together.

If you’re looking to enjoy riding with a group of friendly local cyclists and make some new friends, either for recreation, to get fit, join the racing section of the club, then we are the club for you. We welcome all. Whether you’ve only just started cycling regularly or whether you’ve been cycling for years.

Depending on the needs of the riders sometimes our rides start in two groups. One at Touring pace, the other at Training pace. The latter group might well take a longer route.

From Farnborough, where all our runs start, there is a network of quiet country lanes leading deep into the heart of rural Kent and Surrey, even Sussex. Our runs leader knows this area like the back of his hand so he will select his route through the most picturesque countryside he knows. But you need never fear that we will get you lost or leave you stranded.

The destination of each ride is a café etc., at which we stop for refreshment. So you’ll need some change for a drink. The Sunday rides occasionally calls in at ‘The Crown’ in Otford on the way back. For details of our runs click here

The highlight of the year is our annual President’s Run when the President leads us to his favourite venue for a free lunch. The other is the Christmas ‘Tour of the Marshes’ run, which is really festive occasion. If you like your first ride with the Catford then you're welcome to join (click for on-line application) and ride with us regularly. You will then be able enjoy all the benefits of membership including racing etc, when you're fit enough.
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