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2012 Results

Knockholt/Star Hill RAB/Green St Green(10 miles) 23:09:2012
23 September 2012 Knockholt Station to Green Street Green (QS10/3) Luckily the predicted low pressure and subsequent heavy rain did not arrive in the South East until around 10am, so the final Catford Club tt went off in coolish, but pretty much ideal conditions. Five Catford riders were joined for the Clubs Handicap Race by our friend, and former member Jonathan Coulson, on this the third race in 2012 on the Q10/3 Knockholt/Star Hill R.about/Green St Green course.
The results are as follows: Position Distance Name H/cap Time Scratch H/Cap Time Points Final points Position 1st 10 miles Mike Accord +1.50 26.41 24.51 10 2nd 10 miles James Wood Scratch 24.52 24.52 9 3rd 10 miles Steve Airey +1.30 27.02 25.32 8 4th 10 miles Nathan Dan +1.50 27.35 25.45 7 5th 10 miles Gavin Smith +4.05 29.56 25.46 6 Guest 10 miles John Coulson N/A 25.21 N/A
Peter managed to get the handicaps about right and the two riders, Junior Champion James Wood and the consistent Mike Accord, who both rode this course two weeks ago, didn’t go quite as well this time, but still did the business with Mike just beating James on handicap by a second. Steve Airey, who we all cannot get used to seeing riding gears came in 3rd, closely followed in 4th place by Nathan Dan in only his third Club event, and Gavin Smith, who was not really race fit, bringing up the rear. Our young ex club mate, Jonathan Coulson, breezed around the course in his relaxed style and did a fine ride recording a time just 31 seconds slower than James Wood.
With just the famous Classic Catford CC Hill Climb to go for 2012, Timekeeper Peter and Ray J, who pushed off and marshalled, would like to thank all those who have assisted them with marshalling and pushing off throughout the season and especial thanks to those who helped out today, they being Bryan Stout, Rob Wood and James Green. Final race: Classic Hill Climb Sunday 14 October (GH/32) – start at Yorks Hill 10 am., , ,
Overall standings showing Position, overall score and best of five score;
1st Paul Smith 124/ 50
2nd James Wood 76/ 49
3rd James Green 62/ 44
4th Mike Accord 63/ 42
5th Chris King 43/ 38
6th Steve Airey 38/ 35
7th Ewan Tuohy 31/ 31
8th Peter Hayes 27/ 27
9th Paul Tuohy 25/ 25
10th Patrick Scarboro 23/ 23
11th Gavin Smith 20/ 20
12th Nathan Dan 20/20
13th Andrew Beswetherick 15/ 15
14th Stephen Cavey 14/ 14
15th Chris Brett 8/ 8
16th= John Palfrey 5/ 5
16th= Jim Harvey 5/ 5
18th= Larry Bourne 4/ 4
18th= Keith Perry 4/ 4
20th Ray J Smith 3/3
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1st 10 miles Mike Accord 24:51 10 42 4th
2nd 10 miles James Wood 24:52 9 76 2nd
Guest 10 miles Johnathan Coulson 25:21 n/a n/a
3rd 10 miles Steve Airey 25:32 8 35 6th
4th 10 miles Nathan Dan 25:45 7 19 12th
5th 10 miles Gavin Smith 25:46 6 20 11th
Polhill/Badgers Mount/Star Hill RAB (10 miles) 16:09:2012
16 September 2012 Polhill –Badgers Mount- Star Hill (QS10/18) On Sunday 16 September five Catford CC members took advantage of the fine conditions to ride the Q10/18 course as a prelude to watching the final stage of the 2012 Tour of Britain. New member James Walsby was riding very well and had passed his minute man when unfortunately he lost control on the sharp left hander turning off the A21 onto the Old London Road. As a result he punctured and fell grazing his upper thigh. James Green kindly came to his aid and drove him to the finish. The surviving riders put in excellent performances and recorded times between 24 and 26 minutes. This time Paul Smith came out on top by just 32 seconds over second-placed James Wood. Steve Airey put in a good performance (despite having to ride a bike that had more than one gear), with Mike Accord claiming a sub-26 minute time! Well done to all and commiserations to James Walsby. The next 10 mile TT club event on Sunday 23 September starts at Knockholt station at 8 am; this event includes a handicap competition. Let’s hope that this will encourage more club members to enter in addition to the usual hardy elite riders. Many thanks go to James Green, Le, Ray Brake and RJ for marshalling and also to Peter for his timekeeping.
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
DNF 10 miles James Walsby
1st 10 miles Paul Smith 24:06 10 124 1st
2nd 10 miles James Wood 24:38 9 76 2nd
3rd 10 miles Steve Airey 25:30 8 35 6th
4th 10 miles Mike Accord 25:58 7 42 4th
Knockholt/Star Hill RAB/Green St Green(10 miles) 09:09:2012
Once again a Catford Cycling Club time trial was blessed with good weather. The riders started on the Old London Road by Knockholt station, rode south down Polhill to turn 180 degrees at Star Hill roundabout. They then rode back up Polhill and diverted though Badgers Mount before turning north-west onto the A21. A further U-turn at the Green Street Green roundabout took them to the finish. Six Catford riders were joined by two guests.
All riders put in a great performance on a difficult course. Less than 2½ minutes separated all the riders, with James Wood claiming first place. Remarkably, first-time guest riders James W and Richard recorded the second and third fastest times of the day – congratulations and keep going guys! As young Mr Grace from TV’s Are you being served would say “You’ve all done very well”! Many thanks go to Ray and Steve Brake, Bryan, Le, Peter and James & Son for turning out to marshal the event. It was good to see three sets of fathers and sons involved in the race. RJ
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1st 10 miles James Wood 24:18 10 58 3rd
Guest 10 miles James Warsby 24:41 n/a n/a n/a
Guest 10 miles Richard Johnson 25:33 n/a n/a n/a
2nd 10 miles Chris King 25:42 9 38 5th
3rd 10 miles Patrick Scarboro 26:03 8 23 9th
4th 10 miles Ewan Tuohy 26:05 7 31 5th
5th 10 miles Paul Tuohy 26:12 6 25 7th
6th 10 miles Mike Accord 26:35 5 46 4th
Cudham Circuit x 2 19:08:2012
19 August 2012 Cudham circuit x 2 (QS30 x 2) It’s been a wonderful year for British cycling and the Catford Cycling Club continues to play its part. The morning’s conditions were in complete contrast to the club’s previous outing to Cudham when the flood encountered was almost of biblical proportions. The temperature was hovering around 20 degrees Celsius, with merely a hint of breeze. Near perfect conditions and six near perfect riders could only mean one thing – fast times! Sadly, some of the riders were slowed down by less than perfect car drivers… However, all finished comfortably within the hour. Peter Hayes was first out of the blocks and set a time of 58.20 that would have been veteran gold medal standard. Paul Tuoy recovered from his recent hectic social schedule and put in a fast time of 56.24. Next was guest rider Dan Pink (Bigfoot CC) with an electric time of 52.37. Dan was pipped by Catford newcomer Stephen Carey who recorded 52.19. Now we come to the first two places - Paul Smith continued his current good run of form and managed a sub-fifty minute 49.05. However, the clear winner today was James Wood with a fantastic time of 45.29! Perhaps the club’s elder statesmen can look through the club’s records to see whether James has bagged the club record? Many thanks go to Steve and Ray Brake, Jim Callinan, Steve Airey and the injured Chris King for their sterling efforts in marshalling. Ray J Smith
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1st 18 miles James Wood 00:45:29 10 38 4th
2nd 18 miles Paul Smith 00:49:05 9 50 1st
3rd 18 miles Stephen Cavey 00:52:19 8 14 12th=
4th 18 miles Dan Pink Bigfoot CC 00:52:37 n/a n/a n/a
5th 18 miles Paul Tuohy 00:56:24 7 19 8th=
6th 18 miles Peter Hayes 00:58:20 6 19 8th=
Gravesend Open 10 18:08:2012
The earlier Bexley event we were going to use was cancelled due to Roadworks so we substituted this Gravesend event on the same course to make up for it. Our young star rider James Wood swept the prize board being winner overall, fastest Junior and part of the Team prize with 21:18. Paul Smith did a great ride for 10th overall in 23:01 as did Peter Hayes with 27:00 well inside their age standards.
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1st 10miles James Wood 21:18 10 76 2nd
2nd 10miles Paul Smith 23:01 9 124 1st
3rd 10miles Peter Hayes 27:00 8 27 8th
Club Champs KCA 50 open 12:08:2012
CLUB 50 Mile tt incorporated in KCA Open 50 on Q50/1 Course With James Green and Gavin Smith both unable to ride it was left to the Club TT Champion and 25 mile record holder, Paul Smith, and the ever so keen, but past his sell by date, Peter Hayes, to do the business on this challenging and far from flat (602 metres of climbing) Q50/1 Course. Paul, who doesn't have the best of luck with his tt bike, was again unfortunate in having to ride the last 14 miles on a flat rear tub, but still managed a magnificent effort and recorded a very creditable time of 2hrs 14min 09secs., And this was despite no sleep having got back from holiday just 5 hours before his Start Time. Peter couldn't quite manage "evens", but was satisfied his time of 2hr 32min 34secs was not that much slower than in 2011, but annoyed that since the CTT changed the veterans Standards he no longer gets a plus on Standard. His new 2012 Standard of 2.28.23 means his vet standard time was minus 04mins.11secs- looks like no Vets Best All Rounder Trophy will be coming his way this year. On the other hand the phenomenal 50 year old, Kevin Tye, (DATATEAMallSTARS) had no problem in winning the event on scratch and on vets standard with a magnificent time of 1hr 51min 18secs, breaking the course record by almost 4 minutes! Congatulations to him and his team mate, A.Meilak, whose time of 1hr 55min 47secs was just 36 seconds short of the old course record and gave him 3rd place on scratch and 3rd on vet standard. Many congratulations too to Steve Berry (TEAMSWIFT) who also recorded a great time, breaking the old course record by 2mins 10secs, and recording a time of 1hr 53min 01secs which gave him 2nd place on scratch and second on vet standard. A vote of thanks to be recorded to Paul Smith for offering to pick up and bring Stephen Brake to the event. Steve's presence was appreciated by all the riders as he stood on the side of the road for two and a half hours shouting encouragement and clapping as loud as he could. Many thanks Stephen.
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1st 50 miles Paul Smith 02:14:09 10 96 1st
2nd 50 miles Peter Hayes 02:32:34 9 13 11th
Polhill/Badgers Mount/Star Hill RAB (10 miles) 29:07:2012
With the high of Le Tour, and the first ever British winner, plus the low of Team GB missing out in the Olympic Road Race in our minds it was time to get down to some important racing and the penultimate Catford CC Club TT on the Q10/18 course for the 2012 Season. With James Green and Steve Airey not riding through injury and James Wood and Chris King absent, it was left up to Paul Smith and the second outing by Andrew Beswetherick this season plus a compliment of old and new club time trialers’ to provide a great mornings racing. The weather was fine, bright and sunny, on the cool side, in fairly calm conditions and the only problem seemed to be if the new Club 25 mile record holder’s saddle would stay attached to his bike. Thank goodness it did as he stormed around this technically challenging sporting 10 mile course in 00.23.29 to comfortably win the event, this being a PB on this course for Paul, as was Mike Accord’s 00.26.10 which gave him 3rd place. A fine ride by 57 year old Andrew of 00.25.42 gave him 2nd place with Nathan Dan, and new young rider Stephen Cavey, turning in 00.26.24 and 00.26.55 respectively to get 4th & 5th. Septuagenarian Keith Perry did a sterling ride recording a ride of 00.30.25 and Jim Harvey and Ray Smith (RJ) also did very well with 00.28.07 and 00.32.02 respectively. Jim’s ride being particularly meritorious as it was his first time trial. Thanks to James Green and Steve Brake for marshaling and pushing off. Peter
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1st 10 miles Paul Smith 00:23:29 10 50 1st
2nd 10 miles Andrew Beswetherick 00:25:42 9 15 8th
3rd 10 miles Mike Accord 00:26:10 8 41 3rd
4th 10 miles Nathan Dan 00:26:24 7 12 11th=
5th 10 miles Stephen Cavey 00:26:55 6 6 14th
6th 10 miles Jim Harvey 00:28:07 5 5 15th=
7th 10 miles Keith Perry 00:30:25 4 4 17th=
8th 10 miles Ray J Smith 00:32:02 3 3 20th
Cudham Circuit x 1 11:07:2012
Despite six riders turning up to race the Cudham Circuit the notorious bad weather was worse than usual and the event was cancelled, we were treated to torrential rain, hail stones, thunder & lightning that resulted in flooded roads and atrocious riding conditions. By 7:45 as I took the signs down there was a river with branches and debris washing all over the road and further on water 8" deep flowing across the dip by the Tally Ho. Thanks to Paul Smith, James Green, James Wood, Chris King and guests Jonathan Coulson & Dan Pink who bravely turned up to ride, plus thanks to Jim Callinan and Ray Smith for their assistance. It was also great to see Ray Brake & Steve Brake who came out to support us and offered help. Sorry to see a great evening spoiled by the weather. Thankyou Peter Hayes
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1st 9miles N/A Event Cancelled 0:00 0 0 0
Club Champs Thanet RC Open 25 01:07:2012
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
25 miles
1st 25 miles James Wood (Junior rider) 00:57:03 10 28 5th
2nd 25 miles James Green 00:58:32 9 46 2nd
3rd 25 miles Paul Smith 00:59:43 8 50 1st
4th 25 miles Ewan Tuohy 1:00:33 7 24 6th
5th 25 miles Steve Airey 1:03:50 6 22 7th
6th 25 miles Chris King 1:05:02 5 34 3rd
7th 25 miles Peter Hayes 1:13:53 4 4 14th=
Polhill/Badgers Mount/Star Hill RAB (10 miles) 24:06:2012
Summer once again alluded the Catford CC Sunday morning Club 10 mile tt on 24 June. So in conditions more akin to March than mid June three riders put in fine times on the challenging Q10/18 Course. Most of the Clubs other time trialists were off road racing in Edenbridge. Chris Brett was riding his first Time Trial in forty odd years and put up a brave effort and just failed to get around in evens. Paul and Mike turned into London Road together and had a ding dong spint to the finish with Paul crossing the line two seconds ahead of Mike. Thanks to Ray for pushing off and Marshalling at Star Hill roundabout and Paul's friend from Bigfoot who marshalled at Badgers Mount RAB. 1st PAUL SMITH 24.24 2nd MIKE ACCORD 26.26 3rd CHRIS BRETT 31.56 Regards Peter
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1st 10 miles Paul Smith 24:24 10 50 1st
2nd 10 miles Mike Accord 26:26 9 33 3rd
3rd 10 miles Chris Brett 31:56 8 8 11th
Club Champs KCA 100 Open 17:06:2012
Two Catford CC riders recorded great times in the KCA 100 TT for their first attempts at this 100 mile distance. Paul Smith the definite 100 mile Champion with a time of 4:19:22 and James Green very close with 4:24:16. Well done to both riders and event Winner Andy Miles of VC Elan the only man to go under four hours on a tough windy day 3:57:06 I would also like to record many thanks to Steve Airey, Chris Brett, Bob Stock, Mick Morgan and some extra KCA helpers for giving up Fathers Day to come out and help. Biggest thanks goes to Le Luong for coming down from Sheffield and taking care of the catering at the HQ. The event was a huge success thanks to these people mentioned and others too numerous to mention without whose help and support the event could not have taken place. Thank you Peter Hayes.
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1st 100 miles Paul Smith 4:19:22 10 58 1st
2nd 100 miles James Green 4:24:16 9 53 2nd
Cudham Circuit x 2 03:06:2012
No luck with the weather on the Cudham course again for the Catford CC. The last time the Club rode the course on 6th May it was five degrees and pouring with rain. One month later it was a little warmer at twelve degrees but there was more water around resulting in very mucky conditions on the lanes. James Green and Paul Smith collected punctures riding to the start, Paul front, James rear. Steve Airey offered a spare tub, his wheels even, that is how enthusiastic we all were to ride. In the end Paul borrowed the front wheel of James and the five entrants went off for a warm up spin. On the warm up ride Mike picked up a flint and punctured so just four riders started with first man off at 8.15. Despite the grim conditions some good times were recorded with Chris King well under the hour despite a real wheel puncture, which he continued to ride on until his tube came out of the cover, and wound around the cassette. He had to carry his bike for the final ¼ mile. Peter, Ray J and Bryan did a sterling job in organizing the race. Bryan deserves special mention because it was he who found Paul struggling to the Start with a flat and gave him a lift. Cheers Peter Overall Club positions as 03/06/12 [1st/ 48 points Paul Smith] [2nd/ 44 points James Green] [3rd/ 29 points Chris King] [4th/ 24 points Mike Accord] [5th/ 18 points James Wood] [6th/ 17 points Ewan Tuohy] [7th/ 16 points Steve Airey] [8th=/15 points Gavin Smith] [8th=/15 points Patrick Scarboro] [10th/12 points Paul Tuohy] [11th/ 6 points Andrew Beswetherick] [12th/ 5 points Nathan Dan] [14th 4 points Larry Bourne]
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1st 18 miles Paul Smith 50:26 10 48 1st
18 miles Jonathan Coulson 53:49 N/A N/A N/A
2nd 18 miles Steve Airey 57:50 9 16 7th
3rd 18 miles Chris King 58:11 8 29 3rd
CC Bexley evening 10 (open) 23:05:2012
Our Club event incorporated in the Bexley CC evening 10TT on the Q10/26 tonight saw some great times Ewan Tuohy did a fantastic ride to win our inter club event with 22:31 PB, James Green 2nd with 22:47 PB, Paul Smith came off on the sharp bend but still managed 3rd in 22:54, Patrick Scarboro another great ride for 4th in 24:13 PB, Andrew Beswetherick on his first event this year rode brilliantly for 5th in 24:17, Chris King came in 6th with 24:28, Mike Acord another PB for 7th with 24:31, I rode 86" fixed and got 8th with 25:30 and Nathan Dan still recovering from a nasty virus came 9th with 28:38. Cheers Steve Airey
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1st 10 miles Ewan Tuohy 22:31 10 17 6th
2nd 10 miles James Green 22:47 9 44 1st
3rd 10 miles Paul Smith 22:54 8 38 2nd
4th 10 miles Patrick Scarboro 24:13 7 15 7th
5th 10 miles Andrew Beswetherick 24:17 6 6 11th
6th 10 miles Chris King 24:28 5 21 4th
7th 10 miles Mike Accord 24:31 4 24 3rd
8th 10 miles Steve Airey 25:30 3 7 10th
9th 10 miles Nathan Dan 28:38 2 5 12th
Cudham Circuit x 1 06:05:2012
SUNDAY 6th May 2012 With the temperature barely 5 degrees, the rain falling and the thought of climbing up Cudham Lane South, it took a brave man to leave a warm bed on Bank Holiday Sunday at 6.30am to race once around the QS30 course. However Chris King, Mike Acord and James Green were up for the challenge, the former looking resplendent in the new Club kit, and fortunately for them the event organizers Peter and RJ did their duty too. In such awful conditions the times were very respectable, and reflect the time and effort put in on training nights. In fact James and Chris were only nine and twelve seconds respectively slower than their times achieved in similar conditions much later in the season last year. 1st James Green 24min 35secs (10 points) 2nd Chris King 25min 49secs ( 9 points) 3rd Mike Acord 28min 25secs (8 points) Apologies were received from Paul Smith who is in the US once again riding through the valley of fire in Las Vegas plus Steve Airey and James Wood who were taking part in the Wigmore CC Open 25 on the Q25/8 course. STOP PRESS: James Wood did a cracking ride in the Wigmore CC 25 and would have been under the hour had he not stopped during the race to retrieve his drinking bottle which fell out of the cage. As a Junior his time of 1hr.0min.49seconds in bad conditions on the Chilham course bodes very well for this outstanding young rider. Steve Airey who on Saturday 5th along with Paul Tuohy, both riding 86 inch fixed wheel, competed in the ECCA (Festival) 2-up TTT recording a time of 1hr 07min 07secs on the sporting E33/25 course on Saturday struggled on tired legs to record 1hr.09min.11secs on the Wigmore event. Thankyou Peter Hayes
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1st 9 miles James Green 24:35 10 35 1st
2nd 9 miles Chris King 25:49 9 16 5th
3rd 9 miles Mike Accord 28:25 8 20 3rd
Peter Stubbs Open 10 Tonbridge 21:04:2012
Peter Hayes organised another excellent Catford CC Peter Stubbs Memorial Open 10TT with an oversubscribed field luckily all the reserves managed to get a ride. Erick Rowsell of Team Endura Racing rode well to win in a time of 19:20, Peter Tadros last years winner came in second in 19:56. First woman was Bronwen Ewing of PM Racing Team in 23:03 with Joanne McRae second with a time of 24:39. Of the Catford CC riders taking part Paul 'by the skin of his teeth' Smith was fastest by a second in 22:13 to junior James Wood with 22:14 a fantastic ride for our up and coming Junior. James Green was 3rd fastest with 23:34, fourth was Chris King on a borrowed bike with 24:05, Paul Tuohy had a great ride to come fifth in 25:29, sixth was Mike Accord in 25:33, Steve Airey [myself] on my first geared bike ride for years managed seventh in 25:46 and Gavin Smith eighth with 26:09. A big thanks to all the Marshalls and helpers involved.
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1st 10 miles Erick Rowsell 19:20 N/A N/A
2nd 10 miles Pete Tadros 19:56 N/A N/A
3rd 10 miles Dr William Mangar 20:04 N/A N/A
4th 10 miles Steve Berry 20:15 N/A N/A
5th 10 miles Conall Yates 20:26 N/A N/A
6th 10 miles Darren Barclay 20:38 N/A N/A
7th 10 miles Rupert Burbidge 20:50 N/A N/A
8th 10 miles Richard Gifford 20:57 N/A N/A
9th 10 miles Carl Chapman 21:11 N/A N/A
10th 10 miles George Brent 21:24 N/A N/A
11th 10 miles Nick Wilson 21:26 N/A N/A
12th 10 miles Neil Ellison 21:51 N/A N/A
13th 10 miles Patrick Brennan 21:53 N/A N/A
14th 10 miles Joshua Maynard (Junior) 21:54 N/A N/A
15th 10 miles Mark Newton 21:55 N/A N/A
16th 10 miles Andrew Halliday 21:57 N/A N/A
17th 10 miles Reg Smith 22:12 N/A N/A
18th 10 miles Steve Jezzard 22:13 N/A N/A
19th 10 miles Paul Smith 22:13 10 30 1st
20th 10 miles James Wood (Junior rider) 22:14 9 18 3rd
21st 10 miles Neil Colvin 22:23 N/A N/A
22nd 10 miles Simon Henderson 22:26 N/A N/A
23rd 10 miles Andrew Ferry 22:26 N/A N/A
24th 10 miles Christian Yates 22:28 N/A N/A
25th 10 miles Jack Edwards (Junior) 22:32 N/A N/A
26th 10 miles Kevin Grimshaw 22:37 N/A N/A
27th 10 miles Tim Sheppard 22:39 N/A N/A
28th 10 miles Trevor Chilman 22:41 N/An N/A
29th 10 miles Richard Masters 22:47 N/A N/A
30th 10 miles John Sullivan 22:50 N/A N/A
30th 10 miles Stewart King 22:50 N/A N/A
32nd 10 miles Martin Brown 22:54 N/A N/A
33rd 10 miles Glen Karpeta 22:56 N/A N/A
34th 10 miles Ian Bashford 22:59 N/A N/A
35th 10 miles Bronwen Ewing (F) 23:03 N/A N/A
36th 10 miles Jamie Beal 23:06 N/A N/A
36th 10 miles Jonathan Parker 23:06 N/A N/A
38th 10 miles Ray Sullivan 23:08 N/A N/A
39th 10 miles Steve Gooch 23:09 N/A N/A
40th 10 miles Michael Porter 23:15 N/A N/A
41st 10 miles Damien Poulter 23:17 N/A N/A
42nd 10 miles Shay Giles 23:21 N/A N/A
43rd 10 miles Ian Neild 23:26 N/A N/A
44th 10 miles Steve Humphrey 23:28 N/A N/A
45th 10 miles Ian Hodge 23:30 N/A N/A
46th 10 miles James Green 23:34 8 25 2nd
47th 10 miles Richard Tully 23:38 N/A N/A
48th 10 miles Graham Petitt 23:51 N/A N/A
49th 10 miles Mark Wright 23:57 N/A N/A
50th 10 miles Neil Lewis 23:57 N/A N/A
51st 10 miles Mark McLaughlin 23:58 N/A N/A
52nd 10 miles Jeffrey Cross 23:59 N/A N/A
53rd 10 miles Rob Wood 24:00 N/A N/A
54th 10 miles Mark Abela 24:03 N/A N/A
55th 10 miles Chris King 24:05 7 7 8th
55th 10 miles Andrew Green 24:05 N/A N/A
57th 10 miles Dave Stocker 24:06 N/A N/A
58th 10 miles Jonathan Hemming 24:10 N/A N/A
59th 10 miles Andrew Iggulden 24:18 N/A N/A
60th 10 miles David Williams 24:22 N/A N/A
61st 10 miles Dr Tony Murphy 24:25 N/A N/A
62nd 10 miles Jeremy Temple 24:26 N/A N/A
63rd 10 miles Clive Nye 24:27 N/A N/A
64th 10 miles Robert Sapp 24:33 N/A N/A
65th 10 miles Richard Bryant 24:34 N/A N/A
66th 10 miles Joanne McRae (F) 24:39 N/A N/A
67th 10 miles Tony Day 24:46 N/A N/A
68th 10 miles Andrew Croft 24:54 N/A N/A
69th 10 miles Mark Corless 24:56 N/A N/A
70th 10 miles Warren Low 25:04 N/A N/A
71st 10 miles Chris Cowlard 25:07 N/A N/A
72nd 10 miles Dave Warne 25:12 N/A N/A
73rd 10 miles Andy Branson 25:14 N/A N/A
74th 10 miles Barny Willard 25:20 N/A N/A
75th 10 miles Nigel Smith 25:25 N/A N/A
76th 10 miles Paul Tuohy 25:29 6 12 5th
77th 10 miles Penny Bully (F) 25:31 N/A N/A
78th 10 miles Mike Accord (res) 25:33 5 12 5th
79th 10 miles Andrew Durling 25:44 N/A N/A
80th 10 miles Steve Airey 25:46 4 4 11th
81st 10 miles Craig Ewing 25:47 N/A N/A
82nd 10 miles John Mankelow 26:08 N/A N/A
83rd 10 miles Gavin Smith 26:09 3 15 4th
84th 10 miles Susan Freeburn (F) (res) 26:13 N/A N/A
85th 10 miles Valerie Place (F) 26:47 N/A N/A
86th 10 miles Michael Daniels (res) 28:28 N/A N/A
87th 10 miles Barry Packman 28:31 N/A N/A
88th 10 miles Peter Nuttal (res) 28:42 N/A N/A
89th 10 miles Bob Loader (res) 29:53 N/A N/A
Knockholt/Star Hill RAB/Green St Green(10 miles) 15:04:2012
On a bright, but cold morning, six club members and one member of Bigfoot CC, Daniel Pink, put in a fine mornings racing, and despite the northerly breeze, some good times too. Always a hard ride the Q10/3, up the and down Polhill, but the top 3 riders on the day still managed to average just under 25 miles per hour. Peter and Chris took on the time keeping, which for their first event was nerve racking, but went reasonably well. Many thanks to those who came out to Marshall and support, RJ, Jim Callinan, Bob Stock and Mike Morgan. (Hope i didn't forget anyone) Regards Peter
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1st 10 miles Paul Smith 24:41 10 20 1st
2nd 10 miles James Wood (Junior rider) 25:01 9 9 4th
3rd 10 miles James Green 25:04 8 17 2nd
4th 10 miles Daniel Pink Bigfoot CC 27:01 N/A N/A N/A
5th 10 miles Mike Accord 29:00 7 7 6th
6th 10 miles Gavin Smith 29:16 6 11 3rd
7th 10 miles John Palfrey 31:57 5 5 9th
Polhill/Badgers Mount/Star Hill RAB (10 miles) 11:03:2012
A good turn out for the seasons first event Paul Smith narrowly beat James Green so it looks like another close battle is ahead. Youngsters Patrick, Ewan & Gavin put in some good times along with Paul Tuohy who will be looking for four seconds to beat his son. Newcomers Nathan and Larry did well breaking evens on a technical course, we also welcomed three private riders Warren, Peter and Liall who added to the racing. Myself and Ray Jay send thanks to those who gave up their time to make the event work ie Chris Brett,Jim Callinan, Paul Hinton and his nephew, Steve Airey and of course Bryan our Time keeper, without whom, the event would not have happened. Hope I didnt forget anyone-if I did a thousand apologies. Commiserations to Mike Accord who overcooked the first roundabout and took a tumble, but he showed his metal by dusting himself down and encouraging the others as they did their stuff. Thankyou Peter Hayes
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1st 10miles Paul Smith 23:59 10 10 1st
2nd 10miles James Green 24:14 9 9 2nd
3rd 10miles Patrick Scarboro 24:57 8 8 3rd
4th 10miles Warren Low (Private) 26:11 N/A N/A N/A
5th 10miles Ewan Tuohy 26:49 7 7 4th
6th 10miles Paul Tuohy 26:53 6 6 5th
7th 10miles Gavin Smith 27:39 5 5 6th
8th 10miles Peter Nichol (Private) 28:02 N/A N/A N/A
9th 10miles Larry Bourne 28:45 4 4 7th
10th 10miles Nathan Dan 29:50 3 3 8th
11th 10miles Liall Morrison (Private) 29:52 N/A N/A N/A
12th 10miles Mike Accord DNF N/A N/A N/A
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