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2013 Results

Knockholt/Star Hill rb/Green St Green Q10/3 22:09:2013
On Sunday 22 September we held our last 'closed' time trial on the Q10/3 course. Only two riders took part on this difficult course - our own Paul Moore who managed a creditable 27.58 and Daniel Pink from Bigfoot CC did the fasted time on the day of 26.26. However, as the only Club member competing, Paul wins both the scratch and handicap completions - well done Paul! Many thanks to Jim and Steve for marshalling. Congratulations to Paul Smith for winning the 2013 Club Time Trial competition!'

1st Paul Smith total 77 points of nine events ridden best five = 50

2nd Steve Airey total 67 points of eight events ridden best five = 44

3rd Ewan Tuohy total 28 points of three events ridden

4th James Wood total 19 points of two events ridden

5th Paul Moore total 18 points of two events ridden

6th Mike Accord total 16 points of two events ridden

7th Nathan Dan total 14 points of two events ridden

8th Gavin Smith total 11 points of two events ridden

9th James Walsby total 10 points of one event ridden

10th = Rob Bullyment total 9 points of one event ridden

10th = Paul Tuohy total 9 points of one event ridden

12th Andrew Besweterick 8 points of one event ridden

13th= Chris McGovern 7 points of one event ridden

13th= James Thomas 7 points of one event ridden

Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
n/a 10 miles Dan Pink 26:26 n/a n/a n/a
1st 10 miles Paul Moore 27:58 10 18 5th
Pollhil/Badger Mount/Star Hill rb Q10/18 15:09:2013
'Three Catford riders and one guest turned out on a cold, but dry September morning to take part in our penultimate 'closed' time trial of the season. Unfortunately the organiser had no assistance in the running of this event, so the riders had to start their rides with one foot un-cleated. However, as one of the competitors said, 'it's the same for everyone'. Paul Moore riding his first ever time trial set a very respectable time of 27 minutes and 2 seconds. Steve Airey posted 26 minutes 1 second. However, our own Paul Smith at 24 minutes 44 seconds just managed win, with welcome guest rider Jonathan Coulson achieving 24 minutes 57 seconds. Thanks to all four riders who took part.' Ray J
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
10 miles
10 miles
10 miles
1st 10 miles Paul Smith 24:44 10 68 1st
Guest 10 miles Jonathan Coulson 24:57 n/a n/a n/a
2nd 10 miles Steve Airey 26:01 9 77 2nd
3rd 10 miles Paul Moore 27:23 8 8 6th
Catford Open 25TT Brenzett Course 08:09:2013
Course Ladies Record Broken! On the morning of Sunday 8 September the Catford Cycling Club presented the Dave Marshall Open 25 mile time trial on the Old Romney-Brookland-Kingsnorth course (Q25/12). We have not organised an open 25 mile time trial in recent years, so for us in 2013 this was welcome addition to our well established Open 10 and Hill Climb events. Despite some early morning controversies as to the official course, and the need for the organiser to remove large quantities of scattered newspaper from one stretch of road, the event was a success. Exactly 50 riders completed the course and all set good times, especially the fastest lady - Bronwen Ewing - who set 1.00.33 to beat the ladies' course record of 1.01.46. Kevin Tye won the men's event with 0.52.38, only 30 seconds slower than the course record held by .... Kevin Tye. Our own Steve Airey and Paul Tuohy took part in the race and between them devised their own fixed-wheel antique bike competition. Steve set the slightly faster time of 1.03.15 to Paul's 1.05.55. However, Paul assures me that he will come out fighting next year and will try to go under the hour - let's hope that it is on a more modern machine! Many thanks to all the Catford CC members who helped run this event - several riders said how good the marshals were. Thanks also go to the timekeepers; Pat Hill, Roger Burchett and Jenny Burton.
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1st 25 Miles Steve Airey 01:03:15 10 58 2nd
2nd 25 Miles Paul Tuohy 01:05:55 9 9 5th
Knockholt/Star Hill rb/Green St Green Q10/3 01:09:2013
Three riders - Steve Airey, Paul Smith and Ewan Tuohy competed in today's Catford CC 10 mile TT on the Q10/3 course. Despite problems in timing that were due to me, Ewan can be declared today's winner, with Paul second and Steve third. I would like to thank the three riders for competing under less than ideal circumstances. RJ
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1st 10 miles Ewan Tuohy 23:47 10 28 3rd
2nd 10 miles Paul Smith 24:53 9 67 1st
3rd 10 miles Steve Airey 25:55 8 48 2nd
Pollhil/Badger Mount/Star Hill rb Q10/18 28:07:2013
Following an atrocious evening’s weather, the morning of the event was clear and mild and the roads were dry. However, there was a breeze that might have made the times slightly slower. Two regular guests (Daniel Pink and Jonathan Coulson) and three Catford CC riders (Nathan Dan, Paul Smith and Ewan Tuohy) took part. For the Catford riders Ewan recorded the fastest time of 23.08, followed by Paul at 23.47 and Nathan at 26.28. Our guests put in their usual good performances with Jonathan setting 24.12 and Dan at 26.12. In the handicap competition Ewan narrowly came out on top, with Nathan second and in Paul third place. Nathan would have if he had been able to lose seven seconds off his time. Thanks to all the riders who took part in the event – our guest riders are always welcome. Special thanks go to Steve Airey, Jim Callinan, Chris King and to Peter Hayes for being marshals. Steve is currently lying in second place in the Club TT competition and he deserves even more praise for marshalling today instead of riding in the event. Tabulated results and standings in the Club TT competition are shown below.
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1st 10 miles Ewan Tuohy 23:08 10 18 4th
2nd 10 miles Paul Smith 23:47 9 58 1st
3rd 10 miles Jonathan Coulson 24:12 n/a n/a n/a
4th 10 miles Dan Pink 26:12 n/a n/a n/a
5th 10 miles Nathan Dan 26:28 8 14 6th
Cudham Circuit x 1 Qs/30 10:07:2013
With the Junior Team racing at Guildford and many others on Holiday only Paul Smith rode for the club with Dan Pink from Bigfoot CC for company. Paul was hoping for a fast time because of the good weather but his bad luck struck again as his chain came off twice on the Cudham Lane climb and jammed behind the shifter mech, he managed to get it back on each time but this cost him approx two minutes according to his SRM meter. Thankyou to Peter Hayes and Jim Callinan for organising.
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1st 9.5 miles Paul Smith 25:08 10 49 1st
Club 25 mile Championships, Thanet RC 25 Open 30:06:2013
Thanet RC 25TT Two senior Catford CC members, myself Steve Airey & Paul Smith entered the Thanet RC 25mile TT this morning along with three of the younger Catford CC Banks Equipe members Ewan Tuohy, James Wood & James Walsby. Peter Hayes drove down to support us all, we had a beautiful hot sunny morning, with only the usual stiff breeze to hinder us up to the Broomfield turn but the times stil reflected a good day. Young James Walsby on his first 25 mile TT did an absolutely storming ride on a TT bike borrowed from Sean Yates to win the event overall in 54:22 which I believe is a new Catford CC Club Record “so well done James”. The even younger James Wood had a great ride with 57:33 this was good enough to earn him second place Junior prize. Ewan Tuohy on his ever improving form rode another personal best with 58:52 despite being uncomfortable on his new bike after ten miles and just to prove us old gits can still pull out a good ride I also had a personal best with 1:02:56 on 97” fixedgear. Paul Smith had another run of bad luck when he ran wide on a turn and clipped a pothole with his back wheel that misaligned it, he stopped to refit it but still had problems with the brake rubbing and had to call it a day, a real shame as with Pauls usual performance we could have had the team prize that we only lost to PMR Toachim by seconds. Club standings 1st James Walsby 54:22 10 points 2nd James Wood 57:33 9 points 3rd Ewan Tuohy 58:52 8 points 4th Steve Airey 1:02:56 7 points Paul Smith DNF Cheers Steve
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1st 25 miles James Walsby 00:54:22 10 10
2nd 25 miles James Wood 00:57:33 9 19
3rd 25 miles Ewan Tuohy 00:58:52 8 8
4th 25 miles Steve Airey 01:02:56 7 40 1st
DNF 25 miles Paul Smith n/a 0 39 2nd
Pollhil/Badger Mount/Star Hill rb Q10/18 23:06:2013
Q10/18 TT this morning: After an unwelcome gap since our last Club time-trial – due to cancellation of two events at Cudham, we were back at Polhil on the morning of Sunday 23 June where we started our time trial events for 2013. The Catford/Banks team was well-represented with one stalwart even turning up to help marshal the event. We also had the pleasure to welcome three guest participants. Seven riders took part in the event on the Q10/18 course around the Badger's Mount area - conditions were described as 'reasonable'. Seventeen-year old Chris McGovern from the Catford/Banks team rode in his first ever 10 mile event; congratulations to him on setting his de facto personal best of 26 minutes 38 seconds on a road bike. Steve ‘the Hood’ Airey turned up on a fixie (as usual) and set a respectable time of 26.15 – just beating Chris. Paul Smith put in his usual fast time – 23.08 in this case. However, of the Catford riders, James Wood rode the fastest time of 22.54. In so doing he saw off the twin threats of Paul and his father, Rob. Well done James! Our guest rides also fared well with Jon Coulson on his break from Uni at23.36, Rob Wood recording a time of 24.29 and Daniel Pink from Bigfoot CC achieving 25.15. In the Club handicap competition, 1st place went to James Wood, 2nd to Steve Airey and 3rd to Paul Smith Many thanks to all who marshalled this event - John, Chris + Chris, Peter and Julian McGovern. Tabulated results and standings in the Club TT competition are shown below. Thankyou Ray
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1st 10 miles James Wood 22:54 10 10 5th
2nd 10 miles Paul Smith 23:08 9 39 1st
n/a 10 miles Jonathan Coulson 23:36 n/a n/a n/a
n/a 10 miles Rob Wood 24:29 n/a n/a n/a
n/a 10 miles Dan Pink 25:15 n/a n/a n/a
3rd 10 miles Steve Airey 26:15 8 33 2nd
4th 10 miles Chris McGovern 26:38 7 7 6th=
Club 100 mile Championships, KCA 100 Open 16:06:2013
A tough windy day had three Catford riders enter the KCA 100 down on the Brenzett course, Paul Smith had a fantastic ride and a personal best at this distance with 04:15:44. Rob Bullyment on his first open TT as part of his preparation for London-Edinburgh-London 1400km Audax had a great ride with 04:57:49 on 76" fixed. I myself Steve Airey having geared down to 86" fixed and having not ridden further than 67 miles this year struggled around with back ache and cramp towards the end but still managed a personal best at the distance with 05:00:24 those 24 seconds are annoying but still happy with that. A big thankyou to Peter Hayes the organiser and all the Catford members Le Luong, John Palfrey, Ray J Smith, Kora and other KCA members that helped run & marshall the event. Thankyou Steve
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1st 100 miles Paul Smith 04:15:44 10 30 1st
2nd 100 miles Rob Bullyment 04:57:49 9 9
3rd 100 miles Steve Airey 05:00:24 8 25 2nd
Knockholt/Star Hill rb/Green St Green Q10/3 14:04:2013
Our second club time trial of the season was held in conditions that were in complete contrast to our first event held in March. Snow and ice were replaced by mild temperatures but with a breeze from the south-east. While the former was welcome, the latter did slow riders on the drag up to Polhill. The relatively hilly course (Q10/3) attracted six riders - most of the junior team were on duty elsewhere, while some other riders were injured or unfit. Catford riders were Gavin Smith (the cycling press pin-up from last year's Open Hill Climb), Steve Airey on a bike that boasted both gears and mudguards, Paul Smith 'fresh' from his 25mile/40km ride the previous day (on another new TT bike), our current leader of the TT handicap competition Mike Accord, and, riding his first ever time trial over any distance, newcomer James Thomas from our junior racing team. The ensemble was completed by Ben Wimpory of Loughborough University. The event organiser was ably helped by John, James’ dad David, returned club member Rob and his son, and Peter - many thanks gents! In the event, Paul Smith won the scratch race (and maximum points) with a time of 24.53, Mike Accord was second with 26.59, followed by Steve Airey 28:02, James Thomas 28.53 (a personal best) and Gavin Smith 32.22. However, the fastest ride of the day was by guest rider Ben Wimpory 24.37 – congratulations Ben! Congratulations also to James for putting in a good time on a difficult course on his ever first time trial. Results of the handicap event are: 1st Mike Accord (3 points); 2nd Paul Smith (2 points); and 3rd Steve Airey (1 point). Thankyou Ray J Smith
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
n/a 10 miles Ben Wimpory 24:37 n/a n/a n/a
1st 10 miles Paul Smith 24:53 10 20 1st
2nd 10 miles Mike Accord 26:59 9 16 3rd
3rd 10 miles Steve Airey 28:02 8 17 2nd
4th 10 miles James Thomas 28:53 7 7 6th
5th 10 miles Gavin Smith 32:22 6 11 4th
Pollhil/Badger Mount/Star Hill rb Q10/18 10:03:2013
On a morning where the temperature did not exceed +2oC, as six intrepid Catford CC members left home this morning they might well have said to their families “I’m going out cycling, I may be some time”. They were all, of course, as keen as mustard to ride the first Catford CC 10 mile time trial of the year on the Q10/18 course. It was snowing when the riders started at the top of Polehill, however conditions improved and it was barely sleeting by the time the last riders arrived. Spectators were treated to a grandstand finish as the last three riders sprinted to the line within a few seconds of each other. However, all obeyed the ‘no drafting’ rule impeccably. I was glad that my recent attendance at a CTT timekeepers’ course had prepared me for the eventuality of several riders finishing almost simultaneously. Times recorded (see table below) reflected the poor conditions and the fact that this was the first club event of 2013. Paul finished first, followed by a bunch of three riders - Steve, Andrew and Mike, Nathan finished fifth with Gavin on his first training ride of the year in sixth place. This year we are running a handicap competition in parallel with our usual scratch race. The winner of our first such event is Mike (3 points + a copy of Wiggo’s new book - courtesy of Bryan Stout), with Steve second (2 points) and Nathan third (1 point) Well done to everyone who rode today and special thanks to Rob and James Wood, Bryan, Jim, Mike, Le, John and Chris for turning out on Mothers’ Day to help run the event. Cheers Ray
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1st 10 Mile Paul Smith 25:38 10 10 1st
2nd 10 Mile Steve Airey 27:30 9 9 2nd
3rd 10 Mile Andrew Beswetherick 27:43 8 8 3rd
4th 10 Mile Mike Accord 27;48 7 7 4th
5th 10 Mile Nathan Dan 28:48 6 6 5th
6th 10 Mile Gavin Smith 30:51 5 5 6th
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