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Catford Cycling Club Racing Squad - For 2015 our ex CatfordCC Equipe/Banks Road Captain, James Hayden, will be spearheading the new and improved Catford Cycling Club Racing Squad. Looking to carry forward the momentum the Catford/Banks team has created, James will be attempting to bring further glory back to the Catford name under the club colours. We will be putting together a Racing Squad under Catford Club colours to compete on the racing scene at a lower level that the Elite National Squad, with a view that if successful you might be considered for inclusion in the Elite Squad sometime in the future.

If you want to race for one of the fastest developing, most historic and strongest clubs in the UK, please get in touch with James now on to discuss how you can become a member. Membership is open to all ages and abilities, though we are seeking to take a hold in the local racing scene. Those looking to progress their racing ability and fitness will be at home with us at the Catford Cycling Club.

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