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Tour of the Marshes 2015

Tour of the Marshes
The 'Tour of the Marshes' is an annual event organised by Mick Morgan with the able assitance of Bob Stock, Tony Beaumont & Dave Sims. The date for the event is late November/early December. We meet at the Premier Inn, Blacksole Farm, Margate Road near Herne Bay (CT6 6LA). We then have a gentle ride along the sea wall from Reculver to Margate and then head into the Marshes along with some members of the local Thanet Road Club and will eventually arrive at a local pub (pre booked) for a superb Christmas Lunch. Many people also stay at the Premier Inn that night (recommended) and you must have lights for the ride back from the meal/pub

The Christmas Meal is at the allocated venue herewith:

The Sun Inn at St Nicholas at Wade.

The Cost of the meal in 2015 TBA
The Cost of staying at the Premier Inn in 2015 TBA

If you are interested in coming on the ride please telephone Mick Morgan and he will sort out your menu choice on 07957 749752 or email If you send the money below to Bob, please also email him to make sure he knows you have paid in total and what you have reserved - eg just lunch, or lunch and room (single or sharing)

Please either send a cheque with your name to Bob Stock or do a Bank Transfer to
Sort Code 40-02-06
Account No 80787132
Name on Account is Mr R Stock
152 Maidstone Road, Borough Green,
Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 HQ

NB Very important - when transfering money to Bob please email him to advise of the transfer so he know who the money has come from, or make it VERY clear on the transfer who it has come from - many people just pay the money into his account and we don’t know who it has come from!

Tour of the Marshes

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