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The Hill Climb Classic - Sunday 13th Oct - 9.30am

Cyclist going up Hill Climb

'The Oldest Continuing Cycle Race in the World'

This prestigious event goes all the way back to 1886 and, with the exception of the war years, has been run ever since. Traditionally on the first Sunday in October (2013 event on the 13th October). Prior to the formation of the RTTC (governing body) it was considered to be the ‘Championship of All England’ and still attracts the very leading 'Hill-Climb' riders from all over the country, be they professionals or amateurs.

The challenge is Yorks Hill (click for map) a 707 yard climb with an average gradient of 12.5%, with two stretches of 25% which requires an all-out lung bursting effort to get up the climb. The current record of 1 minute 47.6 seconds was set by Phil Mason (San Fairy Ann CC) in 1983 and despite the inducement of varoius special prizes has not been broken for 30 years! To celebrate this great milestone, The San Fairy Ann CC, Phil's club are donating £250 to the rider who breaks Phil’s record. It is often felt that the record will stand the test of time as it was set in the year of the 'great storm' - hence that year there were very few trees on the hill and so, any 'tailwind' assisted the riders!

This is not only a sporting spectacle viewed by many hundreds but is also a social occasion providing an opportunity for an annual cyclist's 'get together'.


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